Application as Volunteer / Speaker

The Olympic Games would never come about without a huge number of volunteers.Your commitment counts and is an incredibly valuable contribution to support our mission: to spread health, happiness and peace through laughter around the world.

10 great benefits for volunteers

What are your benefits through the volunteering?

10 great benefits

  1. Your cooperation is very highly valued.
  2. You work hand in hand with other volunteers as with siblings.
  3. Your're doing something different and learn something new.
  4. You get responsibility and trust.
  5. It's enormous fun to cooperate close with Laughter Yoga people.
  6. You can get in contact with many people from other countries.
  7. Your language skills are activated.
  8. Your flexibility and creativitiy are needed.
  9. You may take part at the conference program at any time, if your time allows. The conference fee is reduced for you.
  10. You will receive a t-shirt as a"Volunteer at the 1st Global Laughter Yoga Conference", a certificate and a surprise gift.


What to expect as volunteer?

What to expect as volunteer?

Volunteers are needed at different locations, at different times, for all sorts of activities. A schedule is created in the last weeks before the GLYC. Your help will be needed as: translator, guide, at the welcome desk in the Frankfurt Hostel and at the entrance to GLYC, on the booth, dispensing of beverages and food, ushers, at the opening and closing ceremonies, technician for stage, lighting, speakers and so on.


Which qualities should I bring along for volunteering?

Which qualities should I bring for volunteering?

  1. Time and great pleasure to such a voluntary service!
  2. Thinking along, improvising, flexibility, mobility.
  3. Responsibility, independent work.
  4. Stamina, endurance, good health.
  5. English skills and / or other languages would be an advantage.
  6. Organizational skills in specific tasks.


Information for Speakers

Good to know before you are applying as Speaker - Deadline 31st of January 2017

Mix of international contributions
The program of GLYC is esspecially challenging this time. We aim to satisfy the "global" demand as much as possible and furthermore represent the qualities of German speaking Laughter Yoga countries. In the next weeks we'll get proposals from all sorts of nooks and crannies of our colorful Laughter Yoga world. This we generate a laughing mosaic (program), not focusing on perfectionism alone. We like to play a little adventurous and surprising.

Workshops headlines
Please visit the area with the workshops. You'll find headlines there, under which different agenda points are summarized (e.g. Laugh Lab, Laughter Elements of Joy). The boundaries are a bit blurred. It should mainly be used for orientation. To give priority to most possible variety, single workshops and lectures will be 30 minutes or shorter. Your topic has the best chance to be part of the program if it is relevant and / or interesting for many. The program with exact times is expected to be finalized by Februray/March 2017.

Discussions and meetings
This global conference intends for participants to learn about different international topics and to be able to talk about these. Everybody is eager to learn from other countries as much as possible. It will also serve as a platform for discussions and working groups on specific topics. For this, we will create time windows.

Joint events
Moreover, a number of joint events will be held within the conference, such as the Global Laughter Prayer for Peace, Global Open Air Laughter Session and picnic, the opening ceremony, Laughing World Cafe, the Get-together Party, the Global Laughter Talent Show and more.

Workshops and lectures will alternate with joint actions and events. Laughter and the elements of joy will always be present. Ho Ho hahaha

Moderators wanted for Laughing World Café
There are many moderators wanted for the World Café, etc. It would be great if you had fun doing that. Details will be come shortly before the conference.

Conference fee
The conference fee will be reduced for speakers.

Very good, very good, yeah!