10 Days Laughter and a bit more

... if you like! From June 16 to June 28, 2017 you'll have many opportunities to laugh. Laughter place: Frankfurt  -  Germany. The main event with the largest number of participants is the Global Laughter Yoga Conference (GLYC) from 23 - 25 June. Before and after we offer an extended program.

It starts with a training for new Laughter Yoga Teachers from June 16th–21st.

The day before the GLYC a Laughter Ambassador's Day takes place for the first time in the history of Laughter Yoga. Laughter Ambassadors are Laughter Yoga enthusiasts, who have contributed to spread Laughter Yoga particulary and have been appointed as Laughter Ambassador by Dr. Madan Kataria. 

All GLYCs-participants and Ambassadors are cordially invited on 22nd of June in the evening to participate at a Public Laughter Prayer for Peace in a church, followed by a public laughter session in a park. The evening will end with a big, joint laughing picnic.

On Friday morning, just before the GLYC, the inventor of Laughter Yoga, Dr. Madan Kataria, invites you to his talk about emotional intelligence through Laughter Yoga.

After the GLYC Laughter Yoga Master Trainers from various countries put their heads together during a two-day meeting, which is also a  historic event (June 26th–27th).

Join the "LAUGH around the WORLD" challenge! See below for information.

Conference language: German  -  English
We are also trying to get translators for as many other languages as possible. We are currently investigating the technical possibilities for simultaneous translation.

So you can spend a really perfect time in Happy Germany!

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1st Global Laughter Yoga Conference

The MUST GO for Laughter Yoga enthusiasts from all over the world! Three days Laughter Yoga absolutely! Something Great will come of it ...

23rd–25th of June 2017 I Start and End 3 pm

A colorful, multi-cultural diversity rejoins in the universal loving language of Laughter. Finally, we have the chance to really share our joy when we learn about how Laughter Yoga works around the world in Mexico, Chile, Canada, South Africa, Australia, China, Japan, India, South East Asia, USA, in European countries ...

We get to know from very close up the remarkable personalities, their stories and their secrets of success first hand. There are infinitely brilliant ideas and experiences enriching all of us.

Thus, the 1GLYC presents the latest state-of-the-art Laughter Yoga research and its applications in art, therapy, psychology, pedagogy, geriatric care, sports and business.

The International Laughter Yoga University in India has already realized that creativity is an elementary part of Laughter Yoga.

Join in and live the four elements of joy: playing, dancing, singing and laughing. The encounter of like-minded people enables us to face all the qualities and facets of this fabulous, international Laughter Yoga movement.

Therefore, we expect fantastic and unforgettable moments in which we unfold the total creative potential of Laughter Yoga Lovers. The conference guarantees hearts beating faster and leaping with joy!

Come to Germany and raise your spirits during these wonderful three days full of emotions, motion, inspiration and face-to-face-encounter. A smile will anchor down deep in your heart forever.

The world-wide Laughter Yoga Community will strongly grow together regardless of linguistic differences. Through this bond we will create something great. For this purpose you can take an active part in visiting Frankfurt.

Rejoice in the most beautiful Laughter Yoga event ever!

Now take a long, deep breath, hold it, hold it and Hahaha ...

Conference language: German - English
We will also find translators for some more languages. The outstanding Microsoft Translater app, which offers numerous languages, is recommended for simultaneous translations in pairs or in groups. Think of the headphones for your mobile phone.

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Certified Laughter Yoga Leader / Teacher Training

The four German Master Trainers moderate the training. The Katarias, the inventors of Laughter Yoga, join in for the last day. The language of instruction is German - English

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Certified Laughter Yoga Leader Training
16th–17th of June 2017 | Start and Final 11 am

Certified Laughter Yoga Teacher Training
17th–21st of June 2017 | Start and Final 2 pm


Global Laughter Ambassador's Day

Laughter Ambassadors* from all around the world get together in order to meet, to exchange and to create new ideas. Everything is possible! 

Video message from Alexa Drubay
Agenda Ambassadors Day

All ambassadors and other interested are welcomed with a big hug and smile! Everything is possible. We are very happy that Alexa Drubay, a very committed Laughter ambassador from the USA, will actively participate in this day as a presenter. She has a multicultural background and speaks English, French, Swiss-German and a bit of Mandarin Chinese.

*) Laughter Ambassadors are particularly distinguished by Dr. Madan Kataria. They have received a certification as Laughter Ambassador for their dedicated and Selfless Services to spread Laughter Yoga.

22nd of June 2017 I 9 am–4.30 pm


Global Laughter Prayer for Peace

Laughter Ambassadors and all participants of GLYC who have already arrived sing, chant, laugh and pray for world peace together at the gorgeous protestant-lutheran Wartburg Church. People will unite spiritually with this thought without any specific religious affiliation.

Welcome to everybody with a big smile. The prayer is open for public. Those who wish to contribute to the prayer with music, song, dance, text and / or another good idea, please contact us! There is a grand piano and an organ! Registration not required. Just get there.

Global Laughter Prayer for Peace
Address look at Locations

22nd of June 2017 I 5.00 - 6.30 pm

Global open air public Laughter and Picnic

After the Global Laughter Prayer for Peace we gather at Günthersburg's Park. The park is within walking distance and with its magnificent old trees and huge lawn the ideal place to do a Laughter Session with such a big crowd. Furthermore, we will do a spectacular performance which will be filmed from above.

The Laughter Session will be followed by a picnic. All participants are asked to do something to eat and drink and bring a bit more to share with others. Also think on rainwear.

Please avoid waste, to protect the park and nature. No registration required.

Global Open Air Public Laughter and Picnic
Address look at Locations
22nd of June 2017 | 7 - 10 pm

Open Air Laughter Yoga Morning Session
24th and 25th of June 2017 | 7 - 8 am, provided that it doesn't rain. No registration required. Welcome to everybody!

Seminar "Emotional Intelligence" with Dr. Madan Kataria

"Emotional Intelligence by Laughter Yoga" is a seminar that Dr. Madan Kataria has developed on the basis of his long experience with Laughter Yoga. When he speaks, you can hear a pin drop on the floor.

Emotional Intelligence is a tool, such as fire. One can thus light a candle or burn down a whole house.

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23rd of June 2017 I 9–12 am


Global Laughter Yoga Master Trainer Convention

Master Trainers from all around the world get together for two days in order to meet, to learn from each other and to inspire each other. Finally, it is an assembly that offers the opportunity to create new ideas and to discuss specific topics in detail.

The agenda will be created in the current process. We welcome all Laughter Yoga Master Trainers with a hearty Laughter!
26th–27th of June 2017 I 9 am–5 pm


"Laugh around the World" Challenge

Get involved, join in! It is the right time to think more globally. The 1st Global Laughter Yoga Conference (GLYC) serves as a platform for this purpose. Your creativity is in demand!

Dear LAUGHTER Yoginis and Yogis,

as you ALL know Laughter Yoga is a worldwide, peaceful movement, that is growing almost like the Speed of Light. The founder Dr Madan KATARIA and his wife Madhuri are constantly travelling the world to spread the "Laughter Yoga-Virus called HOHO HAHAHA".

In a countless amount of Laughter clubs people are joyfully practicing this unique system in more than 100 countries around the world!

It's immediate positive effects in so many ways - HEALTH and HAPPINESS - are just some of the many benefits you're receiving when doing regularly Laughter Yoga.

Many people are already doing an awesome job in spreading Laughter Yoga. Spending their precious time with ambition and love to teach people how to LAUGH without reason.

to think more and more globally as the modern communication possibilities make it easier to communicate in an effective way.

We are looking for YOUR IDEAS to interact in a global way to support this wonderful movement and do our share in spreading HEALTH, HAPPINESS and WORLD PEACE through LAUGHTER YOGA.

On the GLYC your ideas will be presented and honoured to hundreds of THINK-A-LIKES that are happy to share your dreams.


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