LAUGH around the WORLD Challenge

Get involved! Let us heal the World with Laughter!

Laughter supplies the brain with energy and oxygen, which is good for one's creativity. The 1st Global Laughter Yoga Conference gives you now the opportunity to be creative in order to achieve great common goals.

Dear LAUGHTER Yoginis & Yogis,

We would like to hear from Your NEWEST IDEAS concerning our project: LAUGH AROUND THE WORLD.

Many wonderful ideas are already implemented in the worldwide LaughterYoga movement. Here are some outstanding examples:

JEFFREY BRIAR – has organized Laughter busses around the world.

DAVE BERMAN – has rocked the LY scene with his DAILY LAUGHERS.

LE LAUGHETTES (this is Gabi Fink, Thomas Topolanek & friends) – recorded a LY Anthem in English & Gibberish.

Just to name a few …

Looking forward hearing from You!


"Laugh around the World challenge" Project manager
Master Trainer of Austria I Europe

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WHO can participate ?

Everybody who is spreading the global LaughterYoga spirit.

HOW can You participate ?

Please fill out the form below and share with us your new ideas of spreading the LaughterYoga spirit worldwide. Tell us also if Your ideas have already been realized.

The DEADLINE is the 31st of may 2017!

All of your wonderful new ideas will be considered carefully and the 3 best ideas can be presented by you at the GLYC in Frankfurt in June 2017.

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