Gabriela Leppelt-Remmel

Gabriela Leppelt-Remmel

Germany, Laughter Yoga Master Trainer / Laughter Ambassador / CEO Global Laughter Yoga Conference
Lachyoga Institut Hamburg | http://www.lachyoga-institut.com

Gabriela Leppelt-Remmel is responsible for the Global Laughter Yoga Conference. She is the first European Laughter Yoga Master Trainer and she feels as "Global" Laughter Yoga Ambassador. She was one of the first voluntary contributors to the Laughter Yoga International University (Bangalore / India). Her commitment has contributed significantly to Germany to belong to the most acitve Laughter Yoga countries alongside Japan and the USA.

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Chicken Laughter in Mekong village | 24rd of June 2017 | 7:45 - 8:00 pm I Auditorium I Greetings and closing words