Lolita Aucourt

Lolita Aucourt

France, Laughter Yoga Master Trainer
Institut Français du Yoga du Rire et du Rire Santé | http://www.formation-yogadurire.fr

Laughter Yoga Master, Laughter Yoga Teacher at the French Institute of Laughter Yoga and Health, Lolita is well known for her dynamism and joy. She started Laughter Yoga in the early 2000s and laughs all day. Professionally, she is a therapist and trainer in technical welfare, relaxation therapy, emotional intelligence ... especially games she loves! she also spreads her love of life and laughter yoga nearby to seniors and at different events related to cancer prevention, addictions or cerebrovascular accidents. Sharing life with Fabrice Loizeau, they form the first couple of Laughter Yoga Master Trainers. Hopefully their 7 years old daughter will follow their steps ...she already laughs a lot !


"Laughter Yoga Human Mandala" with Lolita Aucourt I 23rd of June 2017 I 7:15 - 7:45 pm I Auditorium I and at 22nd of June in Güntersburgpark 7 pm