Carolyn Krüger

Carolyn Krüger

Germany, Laughter Yoga Teacher / Laughter Ambassador / Web Designer / Programmer / Filmmaker
Cabrikunst, Lachclub Frankfurt | http://www.Cabrikunst.de

Carolyn Krüger is active in the Frankfurt laughter club since 2001 and organizes the German Laughter yoga website Lachclub.info with information about German-speaking laughter clubs, events and a list of all adresses and contact persons. Each year there is a list of most World laughter day events in Germany which is widely used by the media.

As artist she is part of  the duo „CaBri“ with Brigitte Kottwitz, engaging in laughter in the arts.

Supporter and contact person at the GLYC conference.


"Presentation of Lachclub.info and laughter yoga on the internet" with Carolyn Krüger I 24th of June 2017 I 4:15 - 4:45 pm I Room 1 I and Sound Installation "Laughing Church Steeple" at Wartburg Church from 17th to 25th of June