Laura Chaplin

Laura Chaplin

Switzerland, The granddaughter of Charlie Chaplin
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Laura Chaplin was born in 1987 as the daughter of Eugene Chaplin, Charlie and Oona Chaplin's fifth son. She grew up in the "Manoir de Ban" on Lake Geneva, in the house that Charlie Chaplin lived until his death. Laura Chaplin worked as a model and TV presenter and studied fashion and design in Lausanne. Her great passion is painting, her works are regularly exhibited. She is committed to the legacy of her grandfather Charlie Chaplin and also to the fact that laughter and humor as human rights are to be included in the UN Charter.

In her role as an ambassador for “Moi pour toit”, an organization which supports street children in Bogota, she has repeatedly visited Bogota and organized painting classes for children and disguised as a tramp, the role that made her grandfather famous.

Laughter is a human right, which still isn’t enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Therefore Laura Chaplin has prepared a petition for the UN.

This incredibly good, widespread idea needs many signatories! A MUST DO for Laughter Yoga Lovers!


Laura Chaplin has dealt with the life and work of her grandfather and the phenomena of laughter. The bizarre details, interesting expert opinions and funny anecdotes of members of the Chaplin family, Hollywood stars, Humour scientists  and clowns were put together by Laura and her team in her book:

"Lachen ist der erste Schritt zum Glück"    (Laughter is the first step to happiness)