Silvia Rößler

Silvia Rößler

Germany, Laughter Yoga Teacher / Physio Therapist (Dance, Social, Acupuncture) / Author
Praxis Silvia Rößler | http://www.lachyoga-silvia-roessler.de/

My name is Silvia Rößler. In all departments I live my laughter and I’m looking through the humor glasses. My work in my own office as physio-acupuncturtherapist and my laughter activities are going hand in hand. Since many years I am leading dance groups and laughter clubs. I offer laugh-meditation-walks, seminars with laughter, singing and dancing, laughter yoga leader trainings, lectures and I am reading out of my book:“Lachen trotz und alledem“ (Laughter despite all this)

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"Laughter despite all this" with Silvia Rößler I 24th of June 2017 I 10:30 - 11:00 am I Room 2