Francisco Soares

Francisco Soares

Venezuela (Bolivarian Republic of), Laughter Yoga Teacher / Laughter Ambassador / Faciliator Gestalt Psychotherapy

Facilitator in Gestalt Psychotherapy, Drug Addiction Advisor, Couples and Family Counselor, Spontaneous Theater Actor, Pisicodramatist, President of the NGO “Regala una Sonrisa” (Give a Smile). Francisco is a social fighter who believes in a human being change, dedicated to claiming people in street situations.  He finds in Laughter Yoga a mechanism of reciprocity giving and receiving love. He is a faithful believer of the great changes that can generate laughter in people’s life, using it as a non-violent communication tool, a tool of dialogue, horizontal interaction and integration between classes and ethnic groups, without prejudice to the political, creed, ethnic or sex.

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