Touristic Program

Laughter Trip to Berlin, the exciting German capital

Added value to your trip to Germany! Wholeheartedly and with a lot of know-how, professionals in tourism under the conduct of Dr. Tania Becker von Falkenstein (Laughter Yoga Leader) have compiled a unique itinerary to the German capital. For participants from other countries following the GLYC.

Dear Laughter Yoga enthusiasts,

Anne, Tania and Johannes welcome you in Berlin, the most exciting city in Germany! You come from all over the world to visit our beautiful capital, and to be a part of its positive energy. Berlin swings you, and you laugh: connect your laughter with the joyfulness of Berlin, and be our guest!

We guide you through Berlin: we show you Mitte, the origins of Berlin, and coming into being of the old Castle; we show you Berlin's Museum Island, one of the UNESCO world heritage sites and home to the city's most important exhibition centre; we guide you to the Brandenburg Gate through one of the most famous Berlin’s boulevards – Unter den Linden (Under the Linden Trees); we visit a new government quarter with the Reichstag building, the Federal Chancellery, and other modern parliament buildings which were built along the river Spree; we show you the relics of the famous Berlin Wall at the East Side Gallery.

We walk and make a boat or rickshaw tour with fun along the most famous Berlin places. We try to make your stay in Berlin as comfortable as possible, as amusing as possible, as joyful as possible.

We speak severval languages! Very good, very good, yeah! Molto bene, molto bene, yeah! Totemo yoidesu, totemo yoidesu, hai! Di maah, di maah, tschai!

26th–28th of June 2017 I Laughter Trip to Berlin

Berlin office: Dr. Tania Becker von Falkenstein